Tti offers the largest internationally accredited testing scope for textile and apparel testing in Pakistan, Including ASTM, AATCC, ISO, BS, EN, DIN, CPSC, AUS, GB, SASO, KS standards. Our testing services covers a wide range of textile Commodities like YARN, FABRIC, APPAREL, KNITWEAR, DENIM, WOVEN, TOWELS, HOME, TEXTILE and GARMENT ACCESSORIES

  • Rusting of metal accessories/ Corrosion Resistance
  • Measuring Zipper Dimension
  • Durability of finish zippers to laundering
  • Color fastness of zippers to light
  • Color fastness of zipper tapes to crocking
  • Color fastness of zippers to laundering
  • Strength test for zippers
    • Chain crosswise strength
    • Slider pull, Pull off
    • Top stop holding
    • Bottom stop holding of slider
    • Bottom stop holding crosswise
    • Bottom stop holding, stringer separation
    • Bridge top stop, stringer separation
    • Slider lock holding, stringer separation
    • Fixed Retainer Pull off
    • Element Pull off
    • Element slippage
    • Pin Box Strength
    • Separating Unit Crosswise
    • Bottom Stop Holding
    • Strength of Open End Fastener Box
    • Lateral Strength
    • Lateral Strength of Open End
    • Slider Lock Holding , Stringer Separation
  • Separation strength of snaps (Resistance to Unsnapping)
  • Buttons Fasteners attachment strength
  • Accessible Sharp Point
  • Sharp Edges
  • Small Parts
  • Torque Test
  • Tension Test
  • Cord & drawstring

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