Protective Gloves for fire fighters EN 659


Test description Method
Sizes EN 420
Abrasion resistance EN 388
Blade cut resistance EN 388
Tear resistance EN 388
Puncture resistance EN 388
Burning behavior EN 407:2004 (modified form of ISO 6941)
Convective heat resistance EN 367:1992
Radiant heat resistance EN ISO 6942:2002 Method B at 40kW/㎡
Contact heat resistance EN702:1994 Contact temp =250℃
(a) Tested after wet conditioning
(according to ISO 15383: 2001*)
(b) Tested after dry conditioning
Heat resistance of the lining material ISO 17493:2000* at 180℃
Heat shrinkage ISO 17493:2000* at 180℃
Dexterity EN 420:2003
Seam breaking strength EN ISO 13935-2:1999
Time for removal of gloves EN 659:2003
Water penetration EN 20811:1992 (1996)
Resistance to liquid chemical penetration EN ISO 6530:2005
1. 30%H2SO4
2. 40%NaOH
3. 36%HCI
4. o-xylene
Determination of pH value ISO 4045 ISO 3071
Determination of chromium(VI) content ISO 17075
Water vapor transmission ISO 14268

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