Unlike Allah’s creation, which is perfect and flawless, the products of mankind can always be improved, especially with respect to their quality, which always has room for improvement. Tti came into existence to offer the industry in Pakistan, a tool with which they could enhance production and quality of goods produced in the country. Since Textile was my field of expertise, the main concern of Tti on its inception was to cater to the needs of the textile sector. As I look at the growth over the decade since our inception, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved, and even more excited about our outlook for an equally promising future.

It is satisfying to know that we are able to help our clients add value to their products and build the strategic blueprints that enable them to connect and operate pivotal aspects of their business more efficiently and economically. Customer satisfaction is the hallmark by which we measure our performance, and with a 100% reference able client list, we are held to the highest standards of quality by our customers—and within Tti Testing Laboratories.

After many years of dedication to providing accurate, reliable and consistent Textile Testing Services, we have expanded and reshaped testing to accommodate the growing demands of the buyers and companies in the other sectors of the industry as well. Keeping up with these demands and needs has only been possible with commitment and strict compliance to good lab practices. We have constantly been upgrading our capabilities by accreditation, internal and external audits, regular training of personnel, as well as by educating the concerned people about the many benefits of Testing.

Warm Regards,
Hamed K. Lateef.

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