COVID-19 Workplace Risk Management:

Control & Prevention by Hygiene Survey & Disinfection

Introduction: COVID-19 Safety and Protection Compliance is going to be a regular feature and Top Priority of our lives and Business going forward. In these unprecedented times; when this pandemic calls for an immediate and innovative response, “Tti Testing Laboratories” is answering this call by presenting specialized Environment, Health & Safety services to assist Industries & work places in their mitigation and preparation efforts.

Industrial Hygiene Survey & Disinfection Services:

The purpose of Hygiene Survey will help your business and community with:

  • Inspection & Evaluation of Current Practices Implemented regarding COVID-19
  • Comprehensive Survey of your Industry / Workplace identifying COVID-19 potential hazards and areas of improvements
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment development of Disinfection & Deep Cleaning Protocol
  • Disinfection of Work place utilizing USEPA Approved Disinfectants
  • Development of Emergency Response Plans and Revision of HSE Protocols
  • Training on Implementation of Revised Protocols & Emergency Response Plans

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